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Tucker Carlson Must Go!!

March 13, 2019 | tucker carlson politics | No Comments

Tucker Carlson Must GO!!

Recently released audio of a conversation between Fox TV Host Tucker Carlson and  radio show hosts of “Bubba the Love Sponge” include disparaging and controversial remarks made by Carlson on several subjects including women, polygamy and the marriage of under aged teens. In one instance, when asked what he thought of a contestant in the Miss Teen USA pageant, he stated that the teen was “appealing” and that he thought that women, in general, enjoyed being told to “be quiet and kind of do what you’re told” and that they were “extremely primitive. The teen that was the target of his comments Caitlin Upton, years later, disclosed that she seriously contemplated suicide over the remarks and unwanted notoriety stemming from the situation. It is hard to imagine that Carlson would accept any blame for the young lady’s emotional state at the time and would most likely blame her for it all.

In another instance Carlson and the radio show hosts were discussing Warren Jeffs, the convicted polygamist and when asked what he thought of the charges against Jeffs, Carlson stated that they were “bullshit” because arranging a marriage between a 16 year old girl and a 27 year old man is not the same as pulling a stranger off the street and raping her. “How exactly can you be against polygamy? On what grounds are you against polygamy?” When the one of the radio host’s stated that Jeffs was in prison for facilitation of child rape, a serious and reprehensible offense, Carlson did not agree that the sentence was warranted stating, “He’s in prison because he’s weird and unpopular and has a different lifestyle that other people find creepy”. I am quite sure that facilitating child rape is not only creepy but reprehensible, morally wrong and , in fact, criminal!!

Carlson addressed the issue of these recently surfaced remarks on his TV show stating that he would not apologize for his statements and welcomed anyone to come on his show and debate him live and on air. He claimed he was being attacked for his first amendment rights to his opinion. The show has since lost 2 advertising clients as a result and more could follow. I think it is clear that no one is trying to suppress anybody’s right to free speech as often claimed by conservatives when they stretch the boundaries of truth or make a comment that can’t be walked back. What people want is an apology. What Carlson said was not appropriate. It was wrong. The remarks were definitely his opinion but that does not mean he did not offend anyone. When you make a mistake you apologize, learn from the situation and move on. Hopefully making an effort to never be so callous and offensive in the future and show more moral fiber in such sensitive matters. But these people who think they are above reproach double down on their behavior. They draw a line in the sand and claim that they  are the victims and then use their television platform to boost ratings and make more money from advertisers that are insensitive enough to display their products on air. People need to boycott Tucker Carlson, his TV show and any other media or representations he may display now and in the future until FOX does something about it.

It is important for readers to understand who Warren Jeffs was and what he was accused of and finally convicted of. He was the leader of a sect known as FLDS. A separatist wing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In this role he was accused of sodomy of his own family member and facilitating the rape of children by appointing men to marry under age girls. Two of Jeffs’ nephews accused him and Jeffs’ brothers of anally raping them when they were approximately 5 or 6 years old. One of the nephews later committed suicide. Jeffs’ frequently removed men from positions of power in the community and would gift their wives and daughters to other men in the sect. In one instance Jeffs arranged a marriage between a 19 year old male and his 14 year old female cousin. The girl wanted to wait to marry later in  life and with someone of her choosing. She was continually raped and had numerous miscarriages as a result of her marriage which was arranged by Jeffs.

There is no grey matter when it comes to the safety and protection of children. Would any parent out there submit to this situation if they had a 13 or 14 year old girl? This is just another instance where someone assumes that their opinion IS THE  opinion and instead of thinking as a normal and rational adult and recognizing the laws and social norms of this country they think only of the constitutional rights of the criminal or perpetrator instead of the welfare of the child. This type of thinking must be removed from the hearts and minds of those who would support it. It is not a subject for debate. It is not a water cooler conversation that would be appropriate in ANY context.

When Tucker Carlson engaged in this conversation on the radio he had a choice. He could have chosen to take the high road and take a stand against the topic in question or changed the subject all together and moved on to another topic. But that was not his position. It’s not as if this subject was only recently labeled as something taboo or off limits or if people were casually discussing it over dinner or a cup of coffee. It was ALWAYS OFF LIMITS AND TABOO because it was about the sexual abuse and rape of children! No matter where you are from or what demographic background you have there is no room in society for people who would debate this subject simply for the shock factor or to raise ratings.

Tucker Carlson takes the position that he is the victim in this situation. As if he has been oppressed by the scrutiny of his words from over a decade ago. He could have taken a position of contrition and realized that yes, in fact, what he said was insensitive, callous and just plain wrong. An apology can go a long way towards forgiveness and a path to better choices and a better person. In this case he refuses to apologize and instead wants to debate the issue on his show. I plan on never watching a minute of his show because it is a platform for a person who is so smug and ignorant that it does not deserve my attention or support. Advertisers should not support him either because it sends a message that they do not have to apologize for supporting such a hypocrite because he has lots of viewers. If you support the host then you support his views and in this situation any products advertised on his show are products that none of us should need or want.

No apology. No support.

No remorse. No  T.V. platform.

No regrets. No advertising.

In summary…no more Tucker Carlson. The world is changing and we should all change the channel on this guy.

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