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The Precept

                       The truth is the truth. It can’t be changed. Facts are facts. However, in this age of the internet, social media and information overload the facts and the truth can be “spun” or altered to conform to ones beliefs and political views. More on that in a bit.

I’m a fan of the movies. I especially love older flicks with less special effects and more performance. One of my favorites is “The Godfather”. Sometimes art imitates life and many movies have quotes that can translate into real life situations. “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer” is the quote we will focus on. If you want to know what your enemy is all about then watch, listen and learn what they do and what they say. Take cable news media outlets. You have both right and left wing news agencies spewing out news stories that continuously have the heading of “Breaking News”. Every freaking story is breaking is “Breaking News”. The same story repeated over and over and with every changing host, the exact same recycled story is “Breaking News”. I have news for the News Stations….. after a story breaks it is no longer “Breaking News” 10 hours later! If you follow a particular news agency then if you’re like me, I always watch the “other sides” point of view of the same stories that each are reporting on. That way you get to see who is “spinning” what facts and how they are altering the story to conform to their beliefs and political views. It happens on one side more than the other

  Reality check

                           Lets take a look at Fox News. Last night, as I was clicking back and forth between CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, I tuned in to Tucker Carlson to see what subject he was reporting on. I found that he was not “reporting” on anything. He was spewing out  misinformation and altered truths about the Capitol insurrection on January 6th. And lets call a spade a spade here. Altered truths are what they are…lies! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. A lie is a lie. Carlson’s angle on this point was that the insurrectionists were primarily made up of poor people. People that had high debt and loan defaults. Victims of bankruptcy and predatory loans. In fact, the focus was on the woman who was killed by Capitol police on the day of the attack. Ashli Babbitt was a veteran and a small business owner whos business was failing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She was forced to seek a loan with an interest rate in the area of 160%. She defaulted and was sued. To elaborate, Carlson’s view was that the mob was angry with oppressions by financial institutions and the federal government and were enraged enough to take the gathering from a level of peaceful protest to an insurrection against our Democracy. He also stated that out of 199 people that were arrested or sought by the FBI for crimes committed for the insurrection, only 5 were labelled as white supremacist. 5. Only 5. And we should all believe him because he said “we checked”. I checked as well. It took me all of about 30 minutes of research to prove his “facts” as altered. What he conveniently left out was the fact that the “Proud Boys” were there en masse. Prior to January 6th the leader of the Proud Boys, Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, stated on the right wing site Parler “We will not be wearing our traditional Black and Yellow. We will be incognito and we will spread across downtown DC in smaller teams. And who knows….we might dress in all BLACK for the occasion.” So we all know they were there and I challenge anyone to try to convince me that the Proud Boys are not white nationalists. I know I can drive by any catholic church and know there is a crucifix inside without actually entering the building. Carlson just decided to leave that part out. Altered facts. Lie


Fox News has taken the position that the Capitol insurrection was basically angry people fed up with big government and oppressions that led them to believe there was no other choice than to revolt. Carlson reminded his audience that the rioters were also at the Capitol because of the Presidential Election. They perpetuate the lie that the election was “stolen” without actually stating as such. And that the insurrectionist were actually Antifa activists disguised as Trump supporters. Every law enforcement entity under the purview of the Justice Department has stated that Antifa took no part on that fateful day. Keep in mind that many Republican members of Congress still spew lies and misinformation about election fraud and who attacked the Capitol. When right wing news agencies and political officials repeat these lies in public they stoke the flames of an angered Trump base that still believes these conspiracy theories. Lets gat back to facts. Lets start telling the truth again. The only reason the mob was at the Capitol, the only reason that they entered the building and ransacked the offices of legislators, the only reason that people died was the lies that were told by Donald Trump. He told the mob that he won by a landslide and that the election was stolen. He told them to “fight like hell” or that they wouldn’t have a country anymore.

Repeat offender

Trump is a con man. I understand why people would believe in him. They watched him on T.V., they watched him on “The Apprentice” and saw his soft and generous side. That he donated to charities and was a Washington outsider that spoke his mind. Trump record shows a man who used his name to swindle people out of millions of dollars. Remember Trump University? Or how he was sued and lost a court case in New York for stealing money from a charitable account for his personal use? Trump has squandered everything that was ever GIVEN to him. His businesses fail to make money and he uses lawyers and the courts like a shield of armor. He operates under the guise that he is a sharp and successful business man. All will be revealed when his taxes are made public. He cons his supporters. Trump started his election con 8 months ago. When he stated that the election would be “rigged”. That the only way he could lose was because of a scam or by fraud. He did the exact same thing prior to the 2016 Presidential Election. He thought he would lose and when he didn’t, you never heard about it again.

That takes me (the long way ’round the barn) to my main point. Rupert Murdoch. After the Capitol insurrection Rupert Murdoch let it be known to his media outlets and hosts that they were not to repeat and report the lie that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged, stolen or riddled with fraud. Trump had his days in court. Every litigation put forth by Trump and his legal team were defeated, never proven with evidence or thrown out by judges and courts. It was enough. People died. The lie was over. Just ask Lou Dobbs, who was ousted from his on-air show for continuing to repeat the false claims of election fraud. That lie was over. Or so we thought. Last night Tucker Carlson took an alternate route for spewing the lie. Now the angle is that the election was stolen because big tech made it so. That big tech diverted emails meant for conservatives and Trump supporters. That the election wasn’t fair because of some sort of nefarious covert actions. The conspiracy theorists and Trump base need to face the facts. The truth. They lost. Not only did they lose, they lost big. Trump managed to turn out the largest popular vote ever for a sitting president. A great achievement. However, the other side did better than that. They killed it. They turned out like never before. A huge referendum on Trump and his single term Presidency. But the spinning of the truth continues.

The Fox News audience, largely Trump supporters, continue to be fed these lies and misrepresentations and thus are stoking the flames of anger and resentment. Even after the insurrection threats are still pouring in about more violence and protests. This country is falling into the abyss. Domestic terrorism is now a reality. It is the greatest threat facing the country today. Spreading lies and conspiracy theories keep the anger alive. It keeps the threat of violence real. It needs to stop. A simple memo or company email, sent by Rupert Murdoch, could prevent the impending violence. Murdoch could instruct that any reporting on fraudulent or stolen elections or falsely claiming who initiated the insurrection must STOP. Lets get back to just reporting the news. Try to remember a time when an opposing political view was not an effort to destroy our democracy or our country. I have never heard the word “destroy” mentioned more times over the past year by Fox News hosts than I have in my entire lifetime. This is America. ALL opinions are welcomed. That is how a democracy works. That is what politics is about. An administration has a policy that they wish to pursue and the other side either agrees or opposes and a debate ensues. Peaceful. Just because you believe in a certain policy or disagree doesn’t mean the opposing view is a plan to destroy anything. Its a debate. To quote Lindsey Graham..”Enough is enough!”

A plea

                                 Rupert Murdoch is a smart guy. Create a news outlet that shares his political views. Push the “All American” theme. Images of flowing American flags in the background and put up the “All American Christmas Tree” during the holidays. Use vibrant and dynamic lighting for on-air sets. Everything red, white and blue. Make sure it shows that that everything is all American. The audience eats it up. Trademark a quote “Standing up for what’s right”. Smart. Keep in mind that all of that is fine but it doesn’t mean that an opposing political view is un-American or in any way an effort to destroy our country. If you are confident that your political values or policies are the right path for our country then let them stand on their own merits. There should be no need to spin, lie or misinform. Let the debate begin. all opinions should be welcome. Lets get some civility and respect back in the mix.

Mr. Murdoch, whatya’ say?