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Defeating Trump in 2020

April 19, 2019 | Democrats, Election, politics, Trump | No Comments

A Guide for The Democrats to defeat Trump in the 2020 Election

Let’s be real for a sec. Let’s all put our adult hats on and think about this and face the reality of the situation. YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE THE ELECTION IN 2020.

TRUMP is going to win. There, I said it, so now that we have that out of the way, what do we do? How do you defeat a man who, by all common sense, should not be in any public office position? Ever! Anywhere! So why will he win? He will win the same way he won before, by lying to everyone and anyone about what he will accomplish. Trump thrives on preying on the fears of middle and rural America. That’s it! Simple, right? He lies and people buy into the lies and he makes promises to everyone before he has any idea on how to proceed and how to accomplish his far reaching and preposterous plans. Trump made campaign promises that he has barley or not even kept and the Democratic candidates need to heavily point that out.

Promises Made?

While on the campaign trail, Democrats should remind people of what he promised and what he delivered on when he got into office. The two biggest promises he ran on was the Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare and that he would build a great Wall at the border and Mexico would pay for it. Neither of which he has achieved and now we have learned that he openly plans to work on Healthcare AFTER the 2020 Election! Another promise made and another promise left, not kept.

Donald Trump is not the “King of the Deal”, he is a 21st century P.T. Barnum. He uses plain and strong language to get his point across. He uses smoke and mirrors and deflection to avoid the truth about his comments and actions. Remember what Barnum once said….“There’s a sucker born every minute”¬†and Trump thinks the American people can be easily fooled. He counts on it. Also keep in mind that he quickly changes his rhetoric on the border wall when he found out that, in fact, Mexico would not pay for it. His claims were that Democrats were responsible and that they are not for border security and that they would not work with him to get a deal done. All this from the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal”.


Remember when Donald Trump ran for President he told everyone that the “system is rigged” and that “voting is fixed” and that he would never win because of it. Then he won and we never heard that lie come out of his mouth again. That’s what Donald Trump does. He puts forth the lie before the event and then when he loses he already has his claim in place but if he wins the lie goes away.

It disturbs me to see the Democrats so demure and passive when it comes to describing the words that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth. They use phrases such as “alternate facts” or “misrepresentation of the truth” or “exaggerations of the facts“. Why don’t we all just call it what it is…LIES! The President is a habitual liar. Trump doesn’t just make things up, he simply lies about everything. He creates the lie then sells it to the American people by repeating it over and over again. His lies are ammunition against any and all opponents and it is imperative that the Democratic Candidates don’t bring a stick to a gun fight. Trump goes nuclear with his lies and the Dems need to fight back just as hard. Call him out on every lie and poke the bear. His anger will get the best of him.

If the Dems plan to go into this election touting that they will reach across the aisle and work with the Republicans to get things accomplished they will be crushed on election day. The American people are smarter than that. They know that holding hands with the other side will never happen. The Republicans don’t do it and neither should the Dems so let’s just leave the kumbaya attitude at home and go for the throat. Trust me, the Republicans will be behind Trump 100% and never call him out for lying so the Democrats MUST!

Focus on the End Game

It is absolutely paramount that Donald Trump be defeated in 2020. We all know that there are so many issues that need to be addressed, most of which the President will never accomplish. Issues like Healthcare, Infrastructure, Prescription Drug Prices, the Opioid crisis, Global Warming and Taxes. All of these issues, and more, need to be worked on but the most important item is removing Trump from office. The longer he is President the worse it will get because he is single handedly destroying our government and our country. Trump must be voted out before he inflicts more damage.

Trump wants to do away with the EPA and the Education Dept. and remove all heads of departments that don’t cower to his beliefs and puts cronies in place that simply follow orders even if it brakes the law (such as locking up children in cages). The President states that the Dems are a security risk because they want open borders and will let terrorists into the country yet he removes the people in charge leaving departments under staffed and with no structured chain of command which ultimately weakens our National Security.

If you think Democrats are bad for National Security then you need to take a closer look at Donald Trump. The fact that he has closed door private meetings with Vladimir Putin and believes the president of a foreign adversary over his own intelligence community speaks volumes to the damage he is incurring with his cavalier attitude. We do need a wall and it needs to be built around Donald Trump himself! Also, he uses separation of migrant children from their parents as a deterrent from seeking admittance into this country and now he wants to use immigrant detainees as a human bargaining chip by sending bus loads of people to Sanctuary Cities to scare us into getting his immigration policies approved. What kind of person does that?

President Trump has set our standing in the world back 50 years with his crude thinking, actions and inactions. Remember when a General Assembly of the United Nations openly laughed at him when he lied about his administration doing more in 2 years than any other in the history of our country! Even the heads of other nations know he’s a liar. Trump has widened the racial divide in this country that will take years to repair. Remember Charlottesville? He claimed both sides were wrong and that there were good people on both sides?!! Huh?

The Mueller Report

Now that the Mueller Report has come out it is riddled with numerous examples of how the President, and those around him, repeatedly lied and tried to cover up the fact that they were in contact with Russian operatives during the 2016 campaign. There were no results that suggested anyone broke the law but what about their conduct? What does it say when you see a foreign country interfere with our elections and the President says nothing about how wrong it is and did not even agree with his entire intelligence community when he was briefed on the incidents. Is this the future of our election system? If you can get dirt on someone, even if it is from a foreign adversary, take it and run?

Fox News shows hosts are constantly labeling the Democrats as “Elites” and “Socialists”. How about the Democratic candidates for president start labeling the Republicans and those at Fox News for what they are…Communists! If, when describing the results of the Mueller investigation, as a slam dunk that there was no “Collusion” then why is nobody talking about the fact that Russia interfered with our elections? Republicans don’t even mention this because they are too busy gloating. Democrats need to be strong and firm and use the same ammo as their enemies. If you want to defeat Comrade Trump start by being patriots and remind his base that we don’t want Russia meddling in our affairs. But it appears that Trump doesn’t mind.


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