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The Mueller Report was finally turned in to the Office of the Attorney General and everyone was eager to learn of it’s final determinations and findings. Mr. Barr was quick to publish a 4 page letter to Congress with his interpretation and summation of a 22 month investigation. He carefully and strategically reported that the Mueller Report showed no collusion or willful cooperation with Russia in the 2016 Election hacking scandal. He could have written the letter a hundred different ways to convey a more detailed summary report to Congress but he did not. He wanted to put forth a cherry picked summary that basically told the world that the guy who gave him his job was innocent!

Mr. Barr showed his loyalty to his boss but in order to appear impartial and just he left the phrase “does not exonerate him” in tact. With no further details to amplify this phrase and elaborate it’s definition he simply left it out there for all sides to make their own interpretations. We all know how the Trump faithful interpreted the letter claiming “No collusion and complete exoneration”! The victory lap on Fox News was pathetic with their..Na,Na Na, Na Na, Na..attitudes!

Hold on though. Get ready for the next phase. With a Trump appointed Attorney General sifting through the report and making redactions, don’t expect a whole lot of information to come out. Remember, the Attorney General can read through this report and make redactions “according to the rule of law and regulations in place” for determining the final outcome of these findings. And that Mr. Barr will be redacting based on his interpretation of the law. That was clear during his confirmation hearing when asked several times if he would commit to releasing the entire, unredacted Mueller Report to Congress at the appropriate time. His answers were in the form of “so long as it abides by the rule of law and regulations provided to released said report”. He could not and would not simply give a yes or no answer which tells us everything.

Another thing to consider is that even though the initial summary stated that there were no indictable offenses is also stated that the President is not fully exonerated of his actions. A lot of people have criticized Mueller for not picking one side of the fence over the other. They wonder why he would not commit from a prosecutorial stand point. The answer is simple. The Attorney General has already stated that a sitting President can not be prosecuted as there is no precedent for it. Therefor the body in charge of determining how to proceed falls in the lap of Congress! It is the duty of Congress to determine if the behavior and acts of the President while in office are in character and professionally and responsibly represent the values and standards of the United States of America. It is not the job of the Attorney General. Thus, Mueller left that portion out of the report because his thought process was that he did not have to indict the President he simply had to show his lack of character, poor judgement and shady practices to Congress and then let that governing body take it from there.

Now we come to find out that some of Mueller’s staff are furious over the way the Attorney General depicted the investigation in his summary letter to Congress. It has been reported that staffers suggest that the report could have contained far more information and that the letter did not even give a hint as to the Presidents bad behavior during the time in question.

So now we know. We should all know what to expect when the redacted version of the Mueller Report is presented to Congress this month. It will look like a zebra with extra black stripes. There will not be much in there to determine any course of action to proceed further. Give it to Trump., He found an Attorney General who, basically, auditioned for his job before he even got it by posting his thought of how a sitting president can not be indicted. It was absolutely meant for Trump to see and he did see it. He puts people in positions not to help and assist the people of the United States, just HIM! 

It’s up to Congress and the courts now. Lets all hope that they do their jobs and get the full report out in the open for all to see. If Trump did nothing wrong then lets see the full report. You say you are fully exonerated? Lets see. The American people paid for this report with taxpayer dollars. They, and we, have the right to see the full report.

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